Brush mower rental

Our brush mower is the perfect excavator attachment to help maintain ponds, ditches, hillsides, and other hard-to-reach areas. Dense shrubs, growth, and bushes are no match for our excavator brush mower.

Your time is money, so why waste it? These incredibly sharp blades slice through growth quickly and effectively, leaving nothing behind.

brush mower rental

If you manage residential areas or personal property, the brush mower is the perfect attachment to help maintain ponds, ditches, hillsides, and any narrow or elevated terrain. You can round tight corners, narrow pathways, and other rugged landscapes with ease. We design our attachments with two things in mind — longevity, and efficiency. By crafting our products locally, we can guarantee their effectiveness and durability.

We understand that a brush mower excavator is a significant investment. We realize every excavator model is different, which is why we manufacture two different sizes of our brush mower. When it comes to your workload, the excavator brush mower is ideal for various job sites and clearings.

However, every industry is different. Nothing is more irritating than overgrown trails. Steep or uneven hillsides can be a hassle to maintain, considering how quickly vegetation grows in these areas.

Hillsides are even more complex to care for if the ground is soft or unstable, which means your machine will sink or struggle to handle the tough brush. Ponds and lakes can become unruly during the spring and summer.

Maintaining brush around bodies of water is better for wildlife prevents pests from making a home, and keeps debris from building up in your water. The brush mower is designed to keep these areas well maintained and safe. Ditches might be an eyesore, but they are necessary. Now you can learn more about our excavator attachments before investing.

Our resources take a closer look at our products like the brush mower, mini-excavator brush cutter, and other brush cutter attachments.Heavy Duty Tooth Design — Made to handle more than just brush! Cut trees, stumps and will hold up against rocks! Modular design of head means you can fit this same head on multiple excavators quickly and easily.

The flail style tooth is fine for small brush but anything larger is just does not cut well. That particular knife design was intended to kick back when you hit something hard. In a larger tree, that kick back means loss of power. The carbide tooth design is fine for stump grinding low rpm and high torque as it just grinds. The chain deflector comes standard on all our Raptor mower heads. It is strong and will withstand just about anything and does an excellent job keeping large material from going out the back farther than it should.

These chains are on a guard that is bolted on and easily replaced. The belt deflector is superior on deflection but there is no give on it when back swinging on a stump and you can potentially tear it off. The shell is made out of Hardox which resists to flexing and is as strong as twice as thick mild steel. No corners are cut in building these mulching heads.

Most likely because the tooth design does not perform well at lower speeds for cutting. The higher the RPM, the lower the torque. It also means the longer you need to wait for your head to get back up to speed before being able to cut again.

Neither one of those is a good thing. Your machine has a fixed amount of horse power. Now if I took that same head and spun it up to rpm, that same head will now only create foot pounds of torque. They are both. The bearing design we use can easily be changed from a held bearing to a floating bearing by simply moving a twist lock.

Our heads were designed from the ground up to be interchangeable. This way someone with a 10, lb excavator — who one day purchases a 22, lb excavator can use the same head by easily changing out the excavator attachment points and also changing out the hydraulic motor to match up with the new excavator.

Raptor Attachment Brochure View the Brown Raptor Brochure and find out which model is right for you and your equipment.Bringing truly inspired innovation to the snow removal industry, the Snow Rhino is unlike anything you have seen before.

While this zero turn snow plow is compact enough to get to those hard to reach areas, do not let that fool you. This track drive snowplow packs enough power to tackle even the most brutal of snowstorms. The first machine of its kind on the market, zero-turn allows you to maneuver with precision and ease.

Speaking of ease, with the Snow Rhino, there is no more strenuous hours spent shoveling sidewalks because this machine allows you to stand on it while operating, making it ideal for professional snow removal teams and homeowners alike. Adjustable blade length, plow angle, and hydraulic plow height adjustment are just some of the other unique components of convenience that make this stand-on, zero turn snow plow, the ultimate machine to completely reinvent the way you clear snow.

Tired of the same old snow removal methods? Not anymore! The Snow Bull has been meticulously engineered to provide the user with the utmost ease and efficiency when clearing snow. Save yourself time and energy while still getting the results you are looking for.

This walk behind snow plow brings innovation to regular winter maintenance. A Honda commercial-grade engine safely powers the snow bull through any place a traditional snow blower can go, without problems like clogged augurs or safety risks that can occur when throwing snow and icy debris into the air.

The independent wheels can cover steep slopes and obstacles with no problem—they can even handle steps! Whether you are a contractor needing to move materials, a land maintenance professional looking to clear a trail or you just need to haul material around your property, this motorized carrier will help you get the job done with little effort and maximum safety. Used by professionals across many industries from landscaping and parks maintenance to organic farming and vineyard management, the Samurai has become a staple among outdoor professionals from its one-of-a-kind, user-friendly design.

The 4WD Brush Rover is as fun to drive as it is tough on brush!

brush mower rental

With two flail blades on either end of the main blade and a rock-solid spindle, you can take down woody material, tall grass and thick brush. With two flail blades on either end of the center blade and a rock-solid spindle, you can take down woody material, tall grass and thick brush. This brush-mulching beast can take down tall grass, weeds, brambles and even small saplings. Add to that the thirty eight blades that chew up and mulch the brush and you have an all-in-one brush mower and mulching machine.

The Cyclone walk behind flail mower is easy to use, too, with a stress-free clutch turning system and easy to use blade height adjustment. The forward rotating tines work hard to loosen soil and maintain your garden. The Gardenquake will not only break ground but will break the soil into fine clumps. Working with the right outdoor power equipment can make the difference between a struggling garden and the garden of your dreams!

From hauling gravel in the fall to pushing snow in the winter to tilling up gardens in the spring to mowing down saplings in the summer, Orec America has an outdoor power equipment solution for all outdoor professionals. Seeking engineering excellence combined with high-quality materials? OREC has you covered. We build outdoor power equipment that is tough, reliable, and smart.

We take great pride in being a manufacturer with a focus on delivering quality and durability above all else. OREC is inspired by our customers to build unique outdoor power equipment that fits their needs.

brush mower rental

From our ride-on brush mower, The Brush Rover, to our walk-behind mini-snow plow, The Snow Bull, our one-of-the-kind machines are the result of collaborating with the professionals out there each day doing the actual work.

Our products have been designed and engineered to handle the one job that matters — YOUR job. Everyone at OREC is committed to serving our wide array of customers in a variety of outdoor industries such as landscaping, construction, rental, farming, parks, and large property owners.

We are available to answer your questions and to fulfill your parts needs via email, phone, and social media.Daily rental units must be returned within 24 hours of checkout time and the meter cannot exceed 8 hours or an overdue fee will be applied. Proof of Insurance Required — Customer is responsible for liability and physical loss or damage to the equipment.

All rentals must be insured by customer; policy number, documentation must be present before equipment leaves premises. Fuel — Customer is responsible for all fuel consumed. Tire Wear — All excessive tire wear or tire damage will be charged to customer upon return.

Service — Customer is responsible to service and maintain machine as specified on maintenance guide, including checking all fluids and grease daily and returning the equipment cleaned. Customer must also provide all wearable supplies, such as fuel, oil, filters, ground engaging tools ex.

Cutting edges, teeth, bits, tips, blades, etc. Units not returned with same will have additional charge due.

Lano Equipment Rental

Repairs — Customer is responsible for any repairs resulting from lack of service, abuse or misuse. Abuse includes, but is not limited to, operating machine while low on ANY lubricant or coolant, oil pressure, excessive fuel pressure, or dirty filters.

How to Use a Billy Goat Hydraulic Brush Hog Rental

Customer is responsible for stopping operation anytime machine overheats, loses pressure or loses prime. Freight will be charged from point of origin to job site with return to point of origin.

Rates subject to change without notice. Lano Equipment Rental. Call to reserve rental equipment for any construction, landscaping, and agricultural project. Rent skid steer loaders, excavators, tractors, attachments, compaction gear and much more.

Unauthorized Inquiry. Send me a copy. Inquiry email sent successfully!Our goal is to offer you quality equipment rentals with expert advice so that you can complete your projects. We also offer a huge selection of new equipment for sale from major manufacturers such as Stihl, Honda, and more. Pilchuck Rentals strives to meet your day-to-day tool rental needs in all aspects, from new construction, to remodels, to do-it-yourself projects.

Customer satisfaction is our 1 goal; making sure your project, large or small, goes smoothly is why we are in the rental business. At Pilchuck Rentals, we strive to be your go-to equipment provider, whether renting or buying. We carry full lines of safety gear and equipment, as well as contractor supplies and accessories to give you the convenience of one-stop shopping. Pilchuck Rentals has a large fleet of equipment not just for rent but also for sale. We offer a wide range of electric bike styles, ranging from Folding Electric Bikes to Step-Throughs; a vast variety of different models and colors to fit your personality and style!

These bikes are well-built and will bring you the quality you expect. Drop into our showroom today and let us show you the options for riders of all ages and intents! Tel: State Ave Marysville, Washington. Search Catalog. Click here to view rental categories Close categories Search Catalog. Learn more about our company Browse our rental catalog Browse our sales catalog.

Buy New Equipment. Buy Used Equipment. Shop Our E-Bikes. Learn more about us.New customer? Create your account. Lost password? Recover password. Remembered your password? Back to login. Already have an account? Login here. We offer certain models to get any job done! Check out the information below and see which one fits your job! Brushcutters are perfect for clearing overgrown vegetation. Reclaim your land and rent one of the several models of brushcutters we offer.

The Bobcat Brushcat is a tried and true brush mower. Blue Diamond mowers are some of the best brushcutters on the market today. Both of the Blue Diamond brushcutters are capable of handling 6"- 10" in diameter saplings, plus easing grass mowing.

The Fecon Deck Mulcher is also an available option to rent. It was made to outperform it's competition. Talk with a rental specialist to see which brushcutter would be a good fit for you! Call Newsletter A short sentence describing what someone will receive by subscribing.

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brush mower rental

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Bobcat Kings Contact. Check out our Brushcutter Rental options! Subscribe to our newsletter A short sentence describing what someone will receive by subscribing. Rental Need a machine or attachment yesterday? We also Rent! Contact us.

Brush Mower

Call, Email, Message, or reach out on social media.The Quadro Cut blade system is comprised of two perpendicularly mounted blades. The blades are sharpened on both sides and each end for interchangeability and long life. Rental Rates: We sell time and charge for time out, not just for time used. Your prompt return saves you money. Prices: Subject to change without notice.

Phone to confirm current rates: In an effort to protect our community from the spread of COVID we are working to follow the recommendations of our local, state and national health organizations.

We are committed to staying open as long as it is in the best interest of our Customers, Employees and our Community as a whole. Party equipment tents, tables, chairs rental also available! Rental Policies Rental Rates: We sell time and charge for time out, not just for time used.

Phone to confirm current rates: Delivery: Available, charge is based on item and distance. We add to our inventory regularly, so call if you need an item that is not listed.

For more information or to set up a rental reservation, call Mon-Fri: am - pm Sat: am - pm Sun: Closed. Our business is open but our doors are closed. Please call ahead or from the parking lot and we will assist you in your service, rental or sales needs.

Outside pickup and drop off at our location for purchases and service items. Call in advance to make purchase and item s can be placed outside for pickup Shipping of parts and accessories to your home. Parts orders can be shipped to your door!

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