Cheap stunt sabers

At Vader's Vault, we pride ourselves in selecting only the best materials available for the products we offer.

Shiva - The most affordable stunt saber in the galaxy! NEW AUG 19

Whether it's the USA extruded raw metals, to Delrin for our chassis, or even the USA extruded Polycarbonate for our blades, we source as much of our materials for our sabers Read More. We have always been at the forefront of lighting tech in this industry, and are always looking at, and experimenting with, new LEDs, Pixel strips or blade enhancing technology to make sure our customers always have the best and brightest sabers on the market.

While buying in large bulk The Phrase: "Often imitated, never duplicated" is a trite and overused expression, however that doesn't mean it doesn't still apply.

Our blades have set the standard for quality, evenness, and durability in the industry for over a decade. At Vader's Vault we offer the most types, sizes Vader's Vault has always believed in protecting the electronics in a proper way especially when used in a Combat saber, but this also means allowing these electronics to be accessed and maintained by the end user.

This requires a stable chassis system. Many companies out there still Our relationship with Plecter Labs was established early on in our saber building legacy, and we are proud to be on the small development team chosen to conceptualize and test new features and end user experiences of the fine products designed at Plecter Labs.

It can sometimes be All the fancy electronics and quality materials doesn't mean a thing if the saber feels uncomfortable in the hand. These are weapons after all.

Fictional weapons, yes, but weapons. As such, they should fit in the hand in such a way as to not hurt or fatigue the user over time. The larger a hilt is Let's have an honest moment here for a second. Lightsabers are not 'needs', or necessary items. Hold on now, don't blast us just yet.

Look, we get it, they are the coolest things ever conceived of by man and our childhood foundation is built on dreams of wielding them in battle At VV, we have always believed in what we call, the "Complete Package". Customer experience is very important to us, and we know how irritating it is to purchase something, get excited about playing with it only to find that you're missing a critical component like batteries, a charger, or any other This limited run of specialty blade will be first come, first serve and all blades are 36" standard grade, bullet tip.

We poured over all screen shots and in game art to produce the most accurate, and faithful vision of this saber. Our newsletter subscribers are the first to know when new products drop. Join us now! Login Register. The Sabers The saber that started it all for VV In collaboration with Phoenix Props hilt production and Gustavo Canales designour installed version has a deeper blade socket depth, Combat Class chassis Plecter Pixel main blade, 2 Pixel side blades, High Drain battery, charger and retention wrench.Introducing Starlight Blades Saberz.

It has full tip illumination, as well as the best evenness of any blade we've ever made. Get yours right hereor click on the image above to read all about the new tech. Introducing Sentris We're proud to show you our first new design for Sentris!! Click through to the store to see all the images of this new beauty. ALL Saberz now available! At last, you can now buy ALL of the Saberz. Head to the store and get yours now!! At Saberz. Everything we make is based on our Z-Core Systeman interchangeable parts standard we developed specifically for dueling Sabers.

All the Saberz and parts we sell are completely interchangeable and inter-compatible. Once you've bought any one of our Saberzyou can tweak it, change it, customize it, or completely reinvent it using ANY of our other interchangeable parts. New pommels emitters, shrouds, and accessories are constantly being developed, and are compatible with every Saber we sell.

You can also build your own Lightsaber from scratch, using a Module and any of the individual Saberz Parts from the store. We sell everything you need, fully-assembled and ready to go, with all electronics pre-installed. All you have to do is pick out the parts YOU want, and order them. When you receive your order, all you'll have to do is turn on your brand new, custom LED-Lightsaber!

For those of you who DO know lots about electronics, we also sell empty Saberz so that you can install any custom electronics of your own. Welcome to Saberz. Featured Products. Kill Keys. See more Contact Us.Login Register. Author Topic: Stunt saber for salecheap! Read times. Selling a stunt saber I made. It's noting pretty but is a great saber to beat o or use for parts. I made it for when family comes over and wants to dual wit me.

Ends up o one ever comes over and it sits there. Still a nice and bright saber with no sound. No blade. Illuminated green ring anti vandal switch though it's not wired up.

Red accent LED towards bottom that goes on when power up. Knurled knobs from tccs for blade retention and LED heat sink holder. Wrapped with a black samurai sword like nylon strap that I glued in spots to keep it secure.

Another plus is that the led is driven from a mah buck puck. So parting the saber is certainly worth it for sure. I was going to do it eventually and will if it doesn't sell. Though for this price, I'm sure it will. A great saber to give to a kid or someone you know that has asked about sabers but never could afford to have one made.

Certainly not in perfect shape, a tad rough, though the electronics are very sturdy and can hold up to a beating if you choose.

cheap stunt sabers

Ships on Monday with a couple other sales if it sells. Thanks so much! DJ Uploaded with ImageShack. Sss hilt. Film or Franchise.Check them out HERE. Just select it from the drop down menu prior to check out! The right chassis at the right price! Get them before they are gone!.

Artisan Lightsabers created with unparalleled detail. Made by an enthusiast for enthusiasts. I was able to purchase the Dark Malakyte that was recently debuted. It's great to have yet another affordable stunt option out there for saberplayers. LDM was right, the resonance is indeed epic that new speaker is great and the purple FoC is stunning and dramatic. Thank you LDM for another great product. So much love for Anakus from me!!! I wish you guys could hold it in your own hands, its texture is amazing!

Its beautiful from each angle and there are so many details! Complete agreement with Caine on the high quality of the piece and utterly blown away by how fast, helpful and dedicated General Grievous is. As always, highest recommendation for both the product and the maker. If you want a really nice saber, these are fantastic pieces with an amazing amount of work and craft put into them. Not only did the saber get a BH, but received some minor yet beautiful tweaks to the overall design in order for it all match perfectly!!!

Communication is friendly, informative, and seamless. Has a fantastic eye for design duh and I eagerly look forward to doing business with him in the future. This man was courteous, patient with inquiries, and is very reliable.

You can tell the passion he has for his craft by the sturdy, yet understated elegance of his sabers. Big ups, big man. I can't describe how helpful GG has been. My wife has her Dark Malakyte in purple, and I have a blade for my newly acquired Obi. He was helpful in all sorts of ways, from discussing the options, to discussing a custom build I'll be having him start as soon as he has an opening.I recently made a bunch of homemade Lightsabers for my kids and me to play with and use for Halloween costumes.

As I was figuring out how to make these, my goal was to come up with a method that balanced maximum coolness with minimum cost and ease of making. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. These light up nicely in a half-dark room 1st photo. Before we dig in, I will say that the one major drawback to these homemade Lightsabers is that the blades are rather flimsy. Since these were intentionally made on-the-cheap, that's just part of the deal.

So that said, these are no good for hard play battles! The blades will bend and crease if they are hit too hard. However, they work just fine for light blade-bonking, sibling-smacking, and fancy-Jedi-swinging. Not bad at all! When I started gathering materials for this project I picked up a couple of rolls of colored translucent plastic "basket wrap" at Hobby Lobby, thinking I would insert some into the tube guards to create color for the Lightsaber blades.

However, the cardboard tubes that the plastic wrap came on were the perfect size to make the Lightsaber hilts. Both the flashlights and the tube guards fit inside the cardboard tubes with just a little wiggle room, which is easy to overcome. I unwrapped the plastic from the tubes and re-wrapped it onto scrap pieces of PVC, you know, to not waste it.

I'll use it for something at some point. If you can't seem to find any cardboard tubes or alternate material that will workyou can simply make your own cardboard tubes as detailed in the next step.

Before finding that the cardboard tubes from the basket wrap would work great, I had made a simple homemade cardboard tube. This is an option if needed; here's how I did it. I began with a strip of brown craft paper that was 8" by 30". I spread glue over it as shown in the photos, and rolled it tightly onto a piece of 1" diameter pvc pipe. Note that the area of the first wrap gets no glue, so the paper doesn't stick to the pvc pipe.

The cardboard tube was removed from the pvc and left to dry. If you're feeling really ambitious you could make your own spiral-wound cardboard tubesbut that's overkill for this project in my opinion. This tube is slightly larger in diameter than the ones from the plastic wrap, but still close enough to work very well with the tube guards and Walmart flashlights.

ACLightsabers: Budget Stunt Sabers, Sound Sabers and Accessories (Lightsaber Company Spotlight)

To begin creating each lightsaber hilt, a flashlight is installed in the ends of the cardboard tubes. The removable battery caps are left exposed, so the batteries can be replaced when needed.

To make the flashlights fit snugly, I had to wrap about 24" of duct table around the front ends. They were then slid into the tubes, and a bead of hot glue was added around the back ends, just above where the batter cap screws into place. I measured and marked them with a wrap of masking tape, which aids in cutting them fairly precisely. They can be cut easily with a hobby knife.Sabertrio is a team of illuminated saber enthusiasts who hopes to share their passion of it with everybody else.

We make high-grade, well-built, duel ready sabers with a quality level that you would expect of an elegant weapon from a more civilized age. And if you prefer to build your own saber, we hope that our assortment of components will help you achieve that.

Outstanding craftsmanship and seller communication. Does what it is intended to do perfectly. Great communication, 14 day delivery from Malaysia to U. Fantastic, sturdy bag.

Top notch saber company! During the process of my order, they were happy to help with any questions and concerns During the process of my order, they were happy to help with any questions and concerns I had, as well as very quick response times.

It's stood up very well to the dueling I've used it for. Wonderful craftsmanship, great customer service, fast shipping. Top of the line lightsabers! Awesome Saber and extraordinary customer service. Shipped fast and glows bright. Will definitely be buying from again. After years of buying off the shelf hilt designs from various saber makers, I decided to have SaberTrio customise their Well worth the cost.

Holds two sabers very well and safely. The best of the lightsaber makers, from someone who has a collection of lightsabers from 4 different lightsaber manufacturers. Customer support Customer support is where they shine extra bright, like their beautiful lightsabers. They care about their customers, even after they've completed their purchases in after-sales support.

Very happy customer overall. Wholeheartedly recommend. The hilts are absolutely beautiful, well-made, and have a nice weight to them.

Their customer service is beyond incredible and approachable, and have made my first lightsaber buying experience one I'll never forget! Quality product and customer service. The value for these sabers is incredible, and the company is fantastic to communicate with! If you're on the If you're on the fence about buying, please give them a try. You will not regret it! Highly Recommend Saber Trio! I have been fighting with my Mirah for a solid month now and I am in I have been fighting with my Mirah for a solid month now and I am in love with it!

Very rarely do I find a hilt on the market that's not only beautiful but very combat friendly, and I have to say I am overall just at a loss for words at how great that hilt is. Looking forward to purchasing a different hilt in the future to be equally astounded! Their quality is amazing and their customer service is so far above anyone's in the business. I cannot express I cannot express how happy I am that I found this company before I wasted more money on lesser quality products and companies that treat you like you owe them something.I have always been a huge Star Wars fan!

I was only 6 years old when the film was released but I remember clear as day seeing it. From that day on I was hooked! I always wanted a saber like those in the film and began collecting the Hasbro or Master Replicas versions from a young age. Yet there were many sabers I had admired but were never available. I wanted to always have every characters saber from the movie.

That was the end goal for me. On a hunt to find a saber inspired by that of Qui-Gon Jinn I discovered the custom saber community. I had seen amazing pieces of art and creation and was just fixated on making my own.

cheap stunt sabers

After doing a lot of research and getting a lot help from the community, I managed to build my first saber in October Built on my kitchen table with my dad, we had accomplished something I could never of even dreamed of. From that day on I had set myself the challenge to build every character saber I can think of!

By setting myself this challenge I learned more and gained many skills. Skills that I now offer to those who also want their own custom saber. It was at this point I decided to start working on sabers full time and work for others around the world to make them feel as happy as I felt when I had my first custom saber.

cheap stunt sabers

So I have you to thank! I want to continue to spread the word about the saber community to enthusiasts out there and encourage any Jedi or Sith to have their own saber. Quality is our number one focus here at KR Sabers. We make our sabers the way we would want them to be made. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority here. We have gained a solid reputation for our service to our customers and we aim to keep it that way.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for announcements as to when our next one will be live! Saber Parts We always had difficulty sourcing parts here at KR Sabers; associated shipping costs and other fees can make it difficult for the international saber community to join this hobby.

Simply visit our store to view our current inventory. Created to inspire the aspiring enthusiasts! Our precision machined hilts have been produced with the DIY installer in mind. Our goal is to grow this wonderful community, encourage more to join and enjoy the fun of building custom illuminated sabers. We want to see more individuals in the community and want to encourage innovation.

There is always room for new minds to develop something amazing.

cheap stunt sabers

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